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Jeff Tannen

Jeff Tannen is a Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. For over two decades he has treated all issues of mental disorder. He is known for workshops and groups in the Los Angeles area. Jeff has written on men's topics for several local magazines and has been a guest on local radio.

My First Blog

This is my first blog and I will be blogging frequently about psychological topics that I think have interest and are timely. I do hope that you will enjoy and benefit from them and tell your friends and family to follow my blogs.


As far back as I can remember I was always approached by friends and family to help them with their problems. Often I just seemed to counsel them with answers that came to me at a 'gut' level.


When I got out of High school in Chicago where I was born and raised, I didn't know what to do as a vocation so I went to Cosmetology school, became licensed and luckily found myself working in some of the top salons in Chicago on the famous 'Miracle Mile' of Michigan avenue.


Over a span of twelve years I worked in the best salons in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I had passion for the work because it was creative but I 'burned out' doing this kind of work and couldn't see myself standing behind a chair working on someone's head for years and years.


I lost confidence and needed help but I didn't want to see a traditional psychologist so I discovered the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Van Nuys, Ca. I worked with a therapist there and was blown away by the effective quality of the therapy and the results within a matter of six weeks or so. I was feeling very good about myself and life in general. From the first day of my therapy I was totally intrigued by the process of therapy. In this case it was Hypnotherapy.


My counselor intuitively felt that I had a real grasp of the process and urged me to take the complete Hypnotherapy course there as it is not only a clinic but a College of Hypnotherapy.


Well, I took it and graduated a year later and immediately went on to become a staff therapist. During the years I was there I held the post of President of the American Hypnosis Association and then the vice president of the hypnotist's union. To make a long story short, I ultimately felt the same way about being a Hypnotherapist; I wanted more.


I then attended Sierra University, got my undergraduate degree and went on to International college where I graduated with a master's degree and became a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist.


In 1985 I began a private practice and it felt right from my first patient and that I was born to do this work. I held a private practice for twenty nine years in Sherman Oaks Ca; here I treated everyone that came my way. I soon realized that what they taught me in school was only a small fraction of what I learned about as a therapist. Real life experiences with clients taught me so very much of what I know today as a psychotherapist.


I developed a successful client load that turned about to be about fifty percent gay. During the years I lectured on all kinds of subjects. I was a guest on several radio shows. One show was titled 'Radio Match'. Callers asked me about their relationships and it was great fun being a Dr Phil of sorts. I also wrote articles on men's mental health and did a follow up radio show in which I spoke about 'Men in the nineties' well, that's it for today. Please stay in touch with my blogs. Now that you know more about me, I hope that you will find interest in what I have to say in the future.