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Jeff Tannen

Jeff Tannen is a Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. For over two decades he has treated all issues of mental disorder. He is known for workshops and groups in the Los Angeles area. Jeff has written on men's topics for several local magazines and has been a guest on local radio.

Self Hypnosis

I'd like to teach you one of the best self improvement tools of them all--self hypnosis. Why; because only when you are able to go into meditation deeply can you really get in touch with your subconscious which is where everything is that makes you who you are; your map, past and present of what feelings, thoughts and events made you who you are.


With Self Hypnosis you can do things like visualize a future event that will happen and walk yourself through the whole thing, seeing yourself doing it perfectly. The way you want it to be. Only with self hypnosis can you tell yourself and visualize yourself being confident and enjoying full contentment, In face when you put yourself in hypnosis you will feel an extreme sense of quiet and contentment with inside yourself.


Here's how to do it. You will need to jot down a few notes first that you will use each time you do this. Find a comfortable place that you can always go to do this. Then, lie down face up .close your eyes and place your palms on your thighs with your palms touching your thighs. Mentally note the warmth from your hands spreading to your thighs then tell yourself that the warmth is spreading down to your toes. At this time choose a 'key' word such as comfortable or calm and tell yourself that your toes are calm or comfortable; whichever word feels the best. Then continue to progress up your legs telling yourself that each muscle from your calves to your thighs and to your abdomen are your key word.


At this point it is time to create an emotionally charged key word such as tranquil, or serene or even confident. Then continue to progress from your abdomen to your solar plexus and to your back muscles saying to yourself that they are your key word. Continue now to progress down your arms relaxing each muscle of the shoulders upper and lower arms by telling using your key word to relax that muscle such as my shoulders and forearms are confident. Proceed to relax your hands and fingers the same way.


Now it is time to switch your keyword to your head and face muscles relaxing your forehead, cheeks, eyes, and mouth muscles the same way. Now you have finished relaxing yourself completely and it is time to use the last key word which is always You must always, however count yourself down by saying 5-4-3-2-1 and then' deep sleep'.


By now you should feel that your body and mind have substantially relaxed so following 'deep sleep' use a deepening technique such as visualizing yourself walk down twenty steps holding onto the hand rails. When you get to the bottom, in your mind, visualize entering the most pleasurable place you can think of. This may be quiet room or sitting by a stream of water. Continue to focus on it. You may feel your eyes rolling from side to your side and this is simply what happens as you visualize. You can tell yourself to 'pass that' and see yourself rehearsing a scene that you wish to become confident and relaxed in. When you have finished this you may awaken yourself or simply give yourself information in short easy phrases.


When you are ready to awaken into full consciousness, count yourself back up by saying 0-1-2-3-4-5 wide awake and opening your eyes. Always remember to count yourself in and out otherwise you will open your eyes and be walking around in hypnosis which you don't want to do


Note; self hypnosis is different then meditation as its purpose is not to 'zone' out but rather to give yourself self directives.


Next time I will talk about more deepening techniques and how to write affirmations for you. Have a wonderful day.